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Welcome to HC Security Solutions USA

About HC Security Solutions USA

HC Security Solutions USA will supply the latest security barrier technology available for permanent and temporary applications. Saving time, money and lives while providing a secure perimeter for both public and private critical infrastructure.

2007 - Highway Care was asked by the Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure, (CPNI - UK) to test BarrierGuard 800 steel barrier barrier to the demanding British PAS 68:2010 perimeter protection standards. All components are crash tested to provide a complete end to end security solution.

The vision was a cost effective barrier system that could be used as a portable or permanent perimeter security solution. During the next three years all required testing was completed and passed. The worlds’s best multi-application perimeter protection barrier was now available to the global security market. The product would be named SecureGuard.

2010 - Highway Care launched the HC Security Solutions division, to service the demanding and rapidly growing security market segment.

Numerous high profile facilities, both public and private, now use SecureGuard. The permanent installations at Heathrow International airport and Bank of Scotland attest to the confidence SecureGuard provides critical infrastructure facilities. Many high profile events, such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Royal Wedding and NCAA Final Four Basketball have benefited by providing state-of-the-art perimeter protection with SecureGuard.

SecureGuard meets the U.S. Military DOS K12 requirements of stopping a 16,500 pound vehicle, 90 degree impact, 50mph in a permanent installation. While DOS K8 and K4 can be achieved with SecureGuard as a highly portable, rapidly deployable, positive protection barrier system.

At HC Security Solutions USA we are looking forward to sharing this technology in the United States. If you have the need for positive protection of your critical infrastructure, contact us for a confidential evaluation of how SecureGuard can be part of your security layering strategy.

Why Choose our products:

SecureGuard is an end to end crash tested high performance perimeter protection system. Designed to prevent vehicles or pedestrians from penetrating high security areas. Tested and approved to US DOS K4, K8 and K12 standards, along with PAS 68:2010 (16,500 lbs. truck, impact angle of 90 degrees at speeds of 20, 30 and 50 mph), SecureGuard has proven to withstand multiple impacts while maintaining a secure perimeter.

Key Benefits of SecureGuard®

SecureGuard saves 3 ways: Permanent, Temporary, Mobile SecureGuard with fencing installed at G8 summit

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