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HC SS Bollards - Steel Bollards

HC SS tubular steel Bollards offer a durable cost effective solution against vehicle attack, while allowing a free flow of pedestrian movement. Successfully tested to withstand direct impact forces of 1185kJ and 1852kJ, they are DOS K8 and K12 rated.

HC SS Bollards are the perfect choice for shopping malls, supermarkets, commercial buildings or parking lots. Our bollards can be installed as standalone units or in multiple arrays. Using the maximum spacing of 4 feet face to face, our bollards provide a DOS K8 and K12 compliant perimeter. Protect your critical infrastructure from attack of a 16,500 pound vehicle at speeds up to 50mph.

The HC SS tubular steel Bollard arrives standard with a galvanized or black powder coated finish of your choice. Stainless steel or custom colors are available to match team/school/company colors or blend into the surrounding environment.

Our new Surface Mounted Bollard system can provide outdoor concerts, fairs, races, etc. the same protection level as permanent bollards. The Surface Mounted Bollard system can be installed when sub surface foundations or anchoring is not a viable option. When used in combination with the SecureGuard barrier system, Surface Mounted Bollards allow free flow of pedestrian traffic while providing continuous end to end crash certified perimeter protection.

Click here to download the Bollard Brochure Secureguard Bollards installed at the Olympic Games 2012 in London

Olympic Games 2012 London

A truck after running into a Secureguard Bollard Secureguard Bollard in front of a fence Bollards integrated into SecureGuard perimeter

Bollards integrated into SecureGuard perimeter