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BarrierGuard 800® with Wheels

BarrierGuard800® - the temporary barrier of choice for many contractors, now offers the option of wheels, for added mobility. The BarrierGuard800® wheeled system comprised of 20ft or 40ft sections contains individual wheel sets and is connected by the patented “Quick Connect”. Approved at FHWA TL-3 and TL-4 it is the most cost effective wheeled barrier system currently available.

The BarrierGuard800® wheeled system is installed as a normal barrier but can be split into sections which can then be moved laterally or longitudinally on the roadway to a new location without the need for lifting equipment.

Once installed, a barrier line can be split into shorter sections by raising the barrier (lowering the wheels). This disconnects the barrier which then can be moved either by manpower or with the assistance of an appropriate towing vehicle to a new location. The barrier sections are then re-connected and anchored to provide the required length of protection.

The BarrierGuard 800 wheeled system is particularly suited to repetitive regular maintenance operations where barrier lengths of 600ft - 1,500ft need to be moved for short distances. The 20ft/40ft barrier sections can be delivered on smaller vehicles and deployed quickly into areas where access may be limited such as tunnels or underpasses. It can be used where plant or emergency vehicle access may be required, or where installation may be made hazardous due to overhead obstructions, as it can be offloaded and wheeled into its final position

Instant Mobility

It takes less than one minute to raise or lower the wheels on a section of barrier. This allows 20ft or 40ft sections to be moved easily by 2 men without the need for additional lifting equipment.

Save time and money while providing positive protection for workers in a highly mobile environment.


BarrierGuard 800 with wheels being moved by 2 men BarrierGuard 800 on wheels BarrierGuard 800 internal picture of wheels